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Descriptions of the most recent launches of Helensburgh Lifeboat can be found on this page - follow the links at the foot of the page for details of previous lifeboat Launches.

Our Press Officer will have details of a shout immediately after the incident and, although we don't always succeed, we attempt to include details on the website asap.

If the information is available, we sometimes include the lifeboat track along with the 'shout' narrative. This is possible as the lifeboat is fitted with an Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder which transmits the lifeboat's position, course and speed every few minutes.

20/17 - Engine Problems - Loch Long (Thurs 2nd July at 14:25 hrs)

Helensburgh lifeboat launched at 14:25 hrs to go to the assistance of a 16' day boat that had experienced engine problems in Loch Long in the vicinity of Ardentinny;two persons were reportedly on board. After they contacted the UK Coastguard the lifeboat was called out. Once on scene the lifeboat crew secured a line to the vessel and towed it back to Rhu Marina.

The lifeboat reported back on station and ready for service again at 16:45 hrs.


Click to view image of lifeboat track

20/16 - Unmanned Catamaran - Gourock (Thurs 11th June at 18:05 hrs)

The UK Coastguard requested the immediate launch of the lifeboat on Thursday at 17:55 hrs to investigate an unmanned catamaran sailing towards Kilcreggan, pursued by a person in a rowing boat, from Gourock. The Lifeboat launched at 18:05 hrs, arriving on scene at Portkill at 18:18 hrs, where the catamaran had run aground with the pursuing rower in attendance. The yachtsman sailed his catamaran back to the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club with the lifeboat towing his rowing boat back. The lifeboat was released at 18:35 hrs and returned to station, reporting that it was refuelled and ready for service again at 19:05 hrs.


Click to view image of lifeboat track

20/14 - Dinghy Adrift - Port Glasgow (Sun 31st May at 21:05 hrs)

The coastguard requested the launch of the Lifeboat at 20:49 hrs to investigate a report of a drifting fibreglass dinghy, with no persons on board, approximately a mile off Newark Castle, Port Glasgow. The lifeboat launched at 21:05 hrs and proceeded to the area where the dinghy was located; it was taken in tow and handed over to the coastguard for safe keeping at Coronation Park. The lifeboat returned to station and was reported ready for service again at 22:10 hrs.


Click to view image of lifeboat track

20/13 - Persons Swimming - Erskine (Sun 31st May at 16:38 hrs)

Launch cancelled.



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