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The RNLI exists to save lives at sea. As part of the RNLI's Prevention department, Coastal Safety does this by changing people's attitudes and behaviours towards safety on the water. By learning about your craft and its safety equipment, we believe that you will enjoy your sport a lot more.

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This link to the RNLI website is packed with innovative, in-depth advice that will help to keep you safe and explain what to do in an emergency and covers a range of different water sports aimed at all levels of boating with a vast amount of interactive content.

As well as covering all the main safety aspects and many hints and tips, The RNLI has a selection of fact cards to complement the safety guides with more detailed information on a range of topics.

All are available to you completely free of charge.

If you would like any further information on the resources or services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact our Community Safety Officer, Jim Foster, on :-

Mobile 07850 560439

or the RNLI's Community Safety team via the Freefone number:-

0800 328 0600.

Glasgow Angling Centre

The RNLI Roadshow was present again at the Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend. A number of the visitors to the stand decided to renew their lifejackets after having had them checked. One of the topics discussed was the benefits of having a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) when angling in a remote area and the importance of having a crotch strap on a lifejacket.

Road Show Van
RNLI Road Show

Why Should Shore Based Anglers Wear Life Jackets?

Between 2011 and 2015, 50 anglers lost their lives while fishing around the UK coast. The majority of these fatalities were shore anglers, fishing from exposed areas of shoreline. Expert evidence suggests that many of those lives might have been saved if the anglers had been wearing a lifejacket.

Why is a lifejacket important?

An analysis of shore angling fatalities from 2010 to 2013 revealed that 70% involved being swept into the waves. Wearing a lifejacket can be the difference between catching the one and becoming one of these statistics. Don't be an amateur, wear a lifejacket.


These lifejackets were inspection at recent Lifejacket Clinics and can be seen to be in less than pristine condition. Faults found included missing bottles, out-of-date firing heads, missing retaining nuts and rusty bottles stuck to the lifejacket bladders.

Don't let your lifejacket got into this state - get it checked frequently as your life may depend on it. For advice on lifejacket maintenance or when choosing a lifejacket PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK to go to the RNLI Lifejacket page.

Emergency Services Event - Riverside Museum, Glasgow


On 25th & 26th July, the station's Coastal Safety Advisor attended the Riverside Museum's Blue Light Event along with a couple of crew members. For one weekend only the Riverside Museum hosted this special event with representatives from all of the emergency services. The event went well with 21,658 visitors attending the event over the weekend.

Sea Safety Roadshow at Rhu Marina Boat Jumble

sea safe model
Courtesy of Robert D'Arcy senior.

This local boat jumble was new to Rhu Marina and the RNLI Sea Safety Roadshow was present. Many of the public attending were genuinely pleased to be given help and advice about their lifejackets, but as other boat jumbles have proven some of the lifejackets being sold as serviceable were not! This was a good event for the Roadshow which undoubtedly will grow with time. The Helensburgh Lifeboat was launched on service during this event.


In an emergency please do not call the station.

Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Respect the Water

Respect The Water Campaign

Respect the Water is the RNLI's national drowning prevention campaign. It highlights the risks, helps you avoid them and gives advice to keep you and those around you safe.

Access the Respect The Water Campaign online

For advice if you fall into the water unexpectedly :-

Access advice for surviving.

Disposal of flares

Disposal of Flares

For guidance on the safe disposal of out-of-date or damaged Pyrotechic Flares, please refer to the advice given in the following website:-

The disposal of Out of Date flares (RYA).

Sea Safety, The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide is the RNLI's handbook of essential information for all those who go to sea. Its new, interactive format means that sea safety is available on mobiles, tablets and laptops and at the tip of boaters' fingertips. The new interactive version of the guide now includes videos, quizzes and challenges.

Access the Guide online

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