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Atlantic 85 Class Inshore Lifeboat



On Friday 8th December, 2017, B-791 was withdrawn from service and replaced by B-903, an Atlantic 85 class lifeboat.

Atlantic 85 (B Class)

There are two types of B class lifeboat - the Atlantic 75 and the Atlantic 85 - both named after Atlantic College in Wales where these rigid inflatable lifeboats (RIBs) were first developed. '75' and '85' represent the lengths of the lifeboats - nearly 7.5m and 8.5m respectively. Introduced into the fleet in 2005, the Atlantic 85 is the third generation of B class lifeboat and is gradually replacing the Atlantic 75. The crew can right the craft by gas-power should it capsize, and the engines are inversion-proofed to restart from wet.

Key Facts

  • Speed: 35 knots
  • Endurance: 3 hours max
  • Construction: Carbon fibre and foam core laminate hull
  • Crew: 4
  • Weight: 1.8 tonnes
  • Engines (2): 115hp 4-stroke engines
  • Refillable Hull Ballast
  • Launch method: trolley & winch

Equipment Carried

  • Fitted and hand-held VHF (Very High Frequency) radios
  • Crew intercom
  • Onboard global positioning system (GPS)
  • AIS Class B Transponder
  • Radar
  • VHF direction-finding (VDF) equipment
  • Electronic chart
  • Oxygen and full resuscitation kit
  • Responder bag and multi-purpose ambulance pouch
  • Stretcher
  • Steering Compass
  • Anchor & Sea Anchor
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Manually operated righting mechanism
  • Illumination Pyrotechnics
  • Search Lights
  • Boat Mounted Video Camera
  • Crew Helmet Camera
  • Tool Kit
  • Emergency Salvage Pump
atlantic 85
Atlantic 85 Class ILB
stern view
Twin 115 HP Outboard Engines
Helm Position on B-903
Crew Position on B-903

B-903 : 'ANGUS and MURIEL MacKAY'

This Atlantic 85 class lifeboat, the 'ANGUS and MURIEL MacKAY', is named in the memory of Captain Angus MacKay FNI, Member of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, and his wife Mrs Muriel MacKay, a retired Primary School Teacher. Angus and Muriel MacKay both came from Scotland, Muriel from Aberdeen and Angus from Edinburgh. They were life-long supporters of the RNLI and it was always their wish that the majority of their legacies should go to funding a lifeboat.

The official Naming Ceremony and Service of Dedication was held on 19th April,2018. Mike Wood, the donor representative, handed the boat into the care of the RNLI and it was officially accepted by Roger Lockwood, Chair of the Scottish RNLI Council.

The Reverend Richard Lowe RN lead the Service of Dedication.

Angus and Muriel MacKay
Angus and Muriel MacKay
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